Amazing Toys

Toys can be something that are so much more than things for a kid to play with. Toys can bring us back to a time when things were simple, and life was fun. They remind us of great memories with our friends and siblings and periods in life that were magical. Toys are things that illicit imagination and adventures in children that take them to places unlike nothing else. There have been toys over the decades that have become classics and they never lose their popularity. These toys are the ones that have gained a fame and reputation that has lasted throughout multiple generations of children the world over.

Legos first burst on the scene in 1958 as a new age building block. It has been 60 years and they have only become more popular and more diverse. They have expanded into sets based on movies, cartoons, and themes. They have also evolved into Lego technics, which are evolved Lego sets that allows older kids to continue to enjoy Legos in a way that is more technical, and engineering based. Legos are one of those toys that are simply incredible and always will be. They have spawned world records and there has recently been a young man who built himself a mechanical arm out of Legos. They are a phenomenon that has evolved with the times and the generations.

Mattel debuted Barbie in 1959 and it has been a staple in the toy aisle ever since. It is one of those things that little girls have been putting on their Christmas and birthday lists for almost 60 years. It became a lot more fun when Ken decided to join the group in 1961. Then there were the cars, houses, accessories, and clothes to go with them. They have since become a way to reflect the girls of the time and how they are reflected in society. They are now soccer players, doctors, and women of status.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, G.I. Joe hit the market in 1964. It started as a line of 4 different dolls that were marketed for boys representing the Marines, Navy, Army, and the Air Force. They were a way for toys to reflect the love and respect that America has for its’ armed forces. Two years after G.I. Joe’s debut, they were half of Hasbro’s profits for the year. They have since expanded their presence and there has even been movies made based on these awesome toys, starring some major Hollywood action stars.

Matchbox cars have become an iconic symbol of the importance of cars throughout society. They have become collectible items that can cost a lot of money. They debuted in 1953 after the inventor created a toy for his daughter to take to school and she was only able to bring toys that could fit in a matchbox, hence the name. They have captured the essence of iconic cars throughout time and they have been a staple in toy boxes since 1953. They became a different type of fun when the racetracks for them came out in the 1970s. Matchbox and Hot Wheels have become major competitors within this market.

The last toys on list little list of 5 iconic toys are remote control cars. These started out as just fun for kids to play with having a remote control that they could use to drive a car down the sidewalk or throughout the house to drive mom crazy. Since then, they have become something that has world championships where the drivers claim they can reach speeds of over 80 miles per hour. They are so much fun regardless of what age you are and now they are made to go in all sorts of different terrains and with all different wheel configurations.

Toys are awesome. It really doesn’t matter how old you get or whether you have kids or not, they bring a smile to the faces of everyone. There are people who collect the rare toys of the past and who love to shop for toys for Christmas and birthdays. They are a part of being a kid and they are fun for mom and dad too. Ask any mom and dad who are wrapping toys on Christmas Eve and they decide to “make sure they work.”