Celebrating My Parent’s Anniversary

There were many things that I liked about going to a local restaurant. One of the main reasons was many of our local restaurants that were not big chain businesses, were owned by those living around the area. We were always happy to help out a mom and pop type of store. My husband enjoyed setting up dates for different stores throughout the year and would even surprise me sometimes with a trip to the grocery store turning into a trip to the restaurant of our liking.

There was one restaurant in particular that was Italian based. We enjoyed pizza in every form and even more so when it is cooked through a brick oven. This Italian restaurant had it all, great food, wonderful staff, awesome location, but limited parking. The building was not very big, maybe big enough to hold 14 tables with two to four chairs each, the counter, and then the kitchen in the back was about the same size as the front of the restaurant.

The size of the restaurant did not matter because their food had a big taste. The pizzas would come out nice and crispy while the salads were fresh instead of frozen. You could tell that all of their ingredients were fresh, they tasted better, and looked better too. All of the serving sizes were more than adequate for the prices and their staff were extremely well mannered and polite. I don’t think we have eaten there and left anything under a 10$ tip.

Inviting People to Dine with Us at the Italian Restaurant

There were many people that we told about how great this specific restaurant was, and even more that wanted to try it. My parents were having their anniversary soon and what better way to celebrate that with them than to invite them to eat with us at the Italian restaurant I loved so much. My mother was not too thrilled about pizza for her anniversary, so we searched through the other options on the menu once we arrived.

She took at least thirty minutes trying to decide what she wanted to eat. One of the waiters who was helping another table stopped by to ask if everything was alright. We nodded and made the remark that we were allowing my mother to pick something from a menu she had never seen. He suggested to her that she try the soup and salad, or a pasta dish as the pizza was great but so were the other meals offered.

It didn’t take her long to pick once she saw the broccoli and cheese soup. She opted for the all you could eat soup and salad with unlimited breadsticks. The rest of us decided that the pizza and salad was what we wanted long before she finally came to her decision. We gave our order and allowed time for the food to be prepared. It came to the table quicker than we expected, especially my mother as she had a surprised look on her face when her salad was placed down and then her soup.

She was skeptic about the soup as there was only one right way to make this soup and that was the way that her grandmother had made it for her as a little girl. When she finally took a sip, she was thrilled when the taste was delightful. She did make the comment that it was nothing like grandmas but it was sure close to it and still delicious. I was pleased that her face shined with delight as she ate the remainder of the soup and dove in on the salad. We left from there stuffed and happy.

Since this night, I have spoken with my mom on several occasions and she continues to ask when we are going to join them at that same restaurant. My mother had convinced my father that they must return at least once a week after the first visit. Of course he denied the once a week, but in the end my mother always seems to get exactly what she wants. She’s very stubborn and intent on getting her way, but she’s my mother and I love her unconditionally. We plan to return to the restaurant together this upcoming weekend.