Clicking The Laminate

laminate-flooring-brookings-oregonClicking is the actual technique that allow to place laminate layers in one click. Although this may seem complicated, this is really exactly as it says, making them in one click. And, making something in one click could be never ever more difficult than shoving fingers in the ass, unless you are paralyzed or are a stroke patient. If you have a stroke and you can’t shove the fingers in your read butt, then clicking the laminate would also turn out impossible. Otherwise even a baby could do it after a short briefing or reading of the enclosed instruction book.

laminationLet us make some excursus and consider the meaning of the whole idea of laminating. When we say laminating, we would probably assume that a person wants to first – decorate and second – protect his floor from the different types of damage. Although the decorative aspect of laminate could be questionable, the protective part does play an irreplaceable role. I know and you know too that it also has its own limitations, but in general, the laminate protection does more than enough to keep your floor usable for as long as several years.

How the actual clicking technique works? Clicking uses the special laminate pieces that look like jigsaw puzzles. Once you have managed to solve the puzzle and fit the piece of material in place, it will make a characteristic clicking sound, hence its name: “kliklaminaat“. Please be extra-cautious when deciding to implement this technique. You should get the supply only from the specialized manufacturers or otherwise their pieces won’t click, and will require some additional fitting, essentially making it a few times more difficult.

What-is-the-best-laminate-flooringWhen I’ve been working as a carpenter in the Netherlands, I have done plenty of laminate installations, and to be honest, there were times where I messed up, though successfully being able to manage to hide it from the eyes of the customer. These times happened when the clicking technique was not applicable. Hence, as you see, it’s much better to pay more for these jigsaw pieces when possible.

Try to avoid the cheap offers from no name suppliers. Some dishonest producers use the gum and glue instead of the original material, making the laminate look transparent but completely useless when it comes to providing scratch and water resistance – which is a must for any type of flooring.