Get Through the Winter as if it Never Happened!

Some people just weren’t built for cold weather. These are the types who sleep with extra blankets and a hot water bottle in summer, who would rather stay in a warm bed than get out into the fresh air. They begin to shiver in a cold breeze and believe that their bones will seize up if they get out of a hot shower and have to use an unheated towel to dry themselves.

For these people, winter can be like a never-ending nightmare in which all their worst fears are realized. Everything they touch is cold, they can’t relax and even when sitting by a nice, warm fireplace, they are still threatened by the snowflakes falling outside. For these people, it’s strongly recommended that they spend the winter months somewhere nice and warm on the other side of the planet until the last snow has melted and it’s safe to come home. Unfortunately for most, that just isn’t a possibility. And so, a different approach is needed.

The first thing to do is to make sure you are dressing correctly. Warm, waterproof boots with grips are a must. The same goes for gloves – they can be expensive but well worth it to keep your fingers dry and warm. The next step is a comfortable woolen hat. All of this doesn’t sound too difficult, but there are other considerations: how are you supposed to use your smartphone properly if your fingers and ears are covered?

This is where hats fitted with headphones and a microphone come in, along with voice command apps. Keep your phone in your pocket and connect it by Bluetooth to your headphones and mic. You can control the different functions, make calls etc. simply by issuing voice commands. If you really need to read through or see something on your phone, buy a waterproof strap that you can use to strap it to your arm. Use the phone’s stencil to avoid having to uncover your hands.

There are plenty of tools out there which have features designed to keep us hat bit warmer in winter. Some cars come with heated seats and there are even snow blowers with heated handles – check this out: Different types of heated pads are available which you can place under your clothes or directly onto your skin – some similar to hot water bottles, some electrically charged, and some (especially popular in places like Japan and Korea) work through oxidization. Moisturizing with coconut oil helps prevent your body heat from escaping in addition to keeping your skin hydrated, which can be essential in cold, desert climates.

One of the most basic ways to keep yourself warm is to eat plenty and eat well. Spending time in the kitchen over a hot stove will keep you warm until you eat. Use ginger and wholegrains in hot dishes. Use mild spices rather than super-hot chili, as the latter will cause you to sweat and lose heat.

Sensitivity to cold or heat can be a sign of poor health. Make sure you get enough exercise and try to stay in shape. In fact, exercise is a great idea in winter, as long as you make sure to stay safe. By exercising outdoors in winter you’ll raise your heart rate and keep your body warm while simultaneously overcoming part of your aversion to the winter and perhaps enjoying some of its raw beauty.

If you can find an activity to enjoy, the winter will pass by much more softly. Try to do something which keeps you active, so that you don’t get cold. Building a snowman or an igloo, ice skating and skiing are some obvious choices. Having a snowball fight can be fun, but if you get hit, you’re going to feel cold again.

If you truly can’t face being outdoors, try to appreciate the winter from the comfort and warmth of your own home. Put on a good movie and prepare some hot soup for yourself. Most people enjoy looking out at the snow, but if that’s not for you, close the curtains – it will help to keep the heat in, too. Winter won’t last forever and you might like to spend your time planning your summer vacation.