Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor Review

Every single kitchen in the world should have a food processor stored in it. They offer way too many benefits and are a must-have appliance. Much like all other appliances in the world, there are great models and bad models. While the Hamilton Beach 70730 may not be the best of them all, it’s a very strong one.

It’s Capacity and Built-in Scraper

An important factor to any food processor is how many ingredients can be mixed at once. While this model doesn’t have a huge chute, it does accommodate for several ingredient sizes. The cup capacity, which is ten, is also ideal for most cooking needs.

One of the more prominent features to this food processor is the built-in scraper. Instead of manually having to scrape the sides of the bowl, the scraper will do all the work. Even when the machine isn’t running, it will still accomplish the work. Now, don’t expect this to be able to handle heavy amounts (or to make it spick-and-span).

Multiple Speeds and Great Cleanup

It sure is nice to be able to mix at multiple speeds, which is exactly what the Hamilton Beach 70730 food processor offers. There are three different speeds that can be used; low, high, and pulse. These are all driven by a 450-watt motor. When the mess has been made and it’s time to cleanup, the lid, bowl, and blades can all be placed in a dishwasher, as well.

Many Blades

This food processor offers a great deal of flexibility when in operation. This is thanks to the multiple blades that can be used. The slicing disc can properly slice up several vegetables and cheeses, the shredding disc can shred up larger ingredients, and the chopping blade can dice all sorts of food items (from garlic to crackers).

A Notable Gripe

There are a few issues with this food processor, but the most notable are the lack of measurement lines on the bowl. For some people, getting the correct proportions is essential. Instead of having to measure the ingredients before putting them inside the bowl, it would have been nice to see everything measured inside of it.

No doubt about it, the Hamilton Beach 70730 food processor delivers the goods. However, there may be some factors and features that some will not be fond of. To check out more options, head over to Zozanga as they have outlined several of them.