Health Benefits to Certain Chores in Your Household

Outside of keeping your home tidy, there is a second strong benefit of doing chores inside of your home: health. If you are anything like me, then you don’t enjoy partaking in chores. However, they need to be done. I am not saying that you need to love doing them (as I don’t), but you can end up killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you keep your house clean but you improve your health (in more ways than one). The following in-home chores will help you accomplish both.


Ugh, I really despise vacuuming. It’s such a tedious process (of course, I guess all chores are). Depending on how many rooms you have in your home, this can also be a long process. With that being said, if you do have plenty of surface area that needs to be vacuumed you can end up getting a pretty lengthy workout. Unlike most of the chores on this list, the correct type of vacuum can lend its hand with the amount of effort put in. If you check out Vacuum Seek, who rate the best vacuums for carpet, you can explore many of them.


If there is one chore I hate more than vacuuming, it’s doing the dishes. There are so many days where I want to go to Amazon and order a dishwasher. However, then I think of how much washing dishes helps my anxiety. It seems like a contradiction as I just stated how much I hate doing them, but it almost has the same effects of taking a bath. Keeping your hands in hot water, smelling the soap, and having your mind wander relaxes you in some strange way.

Everything in the Bathroom

Let’s be real here, this one is quite obvious. No matter the chore in the bathroom (cleaning your toilet, shower, floor or sink) all of them will reduce the chance of illness. I know I am insulting your intelligence when I inform you that harmful bacteria can grow in your bathroom. Outside of bacteria, mold can begin to grow if you leave your bathroom unchecked. Both of which you don’t want in your home.

Mowing Your Lawn (with a Push Mower)

OK, so if you want to get technical with me you don’t partake in this chore in your home. However, because it’s your lawn it still fits in the same category. Much like vacuuming, mowing is a great way to burn calories while getting something accomplished. Now, if you want to do it with a riding lawn mower then you won’t get as great of a workout. To get the best exercise, you should use a push mower.

See, there are more benefits to doing household chores then you probably were aware of. Funny thing is, I just scratched the surface. For the most part, any chore you can think of around your home will have some sort of health benefit. Even if it’s extremely small, chances are there is a benefit to doing so.