How to Save Time Cleaning Large Homes

Plenty of people are put off the idea of buying a big house due to the cleaning involved. Those who do purchase large properties usually end up employing somebody else to clean them. Whether you are remunerated for it or not, one thing is for sure: it will take up a large chunk of your time. But, perhaps it doesn’t have to. With all the time-saving gadgets and methods that abound in other areas of our lives, why shouldn’t we have them when it comes to cleaning large houses? Well, perhaps we do and just don’t realise it!

Think outside the box 

Saving time on cleaning your house doesn’t necessarily mean finding ways to clean faster. You should also look at ways to reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do in the first place. One of the most important of these is for you and your family to always be cleaning. If your kids make a sandwich, show them how to wipe the surfaces down and mop up any crumbs when they are done. Don’t let them leave biscuit wrappers, dirty clothes or crockery around the house. Keep dusters handy in every room. If you’ve been watching TV and you notice a layer of dust – give it a quick wipe. It only takes a matter of seconds. Teach your kids to clean their own rooms. This is actually basic parenting which is all too often overlooked these days.

The adults in your house should set the example – if you bring the laptop into the living room to do some work, don’t just leave it in there when you have finished – put it back where it belongs.

You should keep mats and shoe racks by every external door. If your family and guests become accustomed to removing their dirty footwear upon entering your home, you will no longer need to spend hours picking mud out of your carpets and washing them over and over again.

Save your energy 

Keep several different batches of cleaning supplies and equipment in different parts of the house. This helps you avoid traipsing through the whole house and will save considerable time. If it’s just not practical to avoid keeping most of your equipment in one place, have a look at buying a Swagway to save you time and effort getting around the house. You can actually use these whilst you are cleaning, too – just take a look at This, or an electric scooter might just help you to persuade the kids to pull their weight and help you out with cleaning the rest of the house!

Furry friends 

If you have pets, the chances are they are causing you a lot more work than you need to be doing when it comes to cleaning the house. Depending on what type of animal you have, you could consider putting down protective sheeting from which you can easily collect animal hairs.

If you have a big dog, brush it outside once a day, perhaps after you’ve taken it for a walk. This will prevent your animal from shedding too much indoors. Don’t place your pet’s food bowl, water, litter etc. in a room with carpets as this is just going to create a disgusting mess quickly. Hard surfaces can be cleaned much more easily.

Lay down the law 

Have household rules to help reduce the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. This should include simple stuff like not touching window panes, TV screens etc., washing hands before and after eating, eating at the table and not with a plate on your knee, cleaning and wiping the toilet and shower after use. When the rules have been broken, set a cleaning chore as punishment. Most importantly, don’t ever break these rules yourself. If you do, be sure to set yourself the same punishment as you would for the others.

Cleaning a large house doesn’t have to be half as daunting as we expect it to be if we prepare ourselves well for the task, approach it as a team and observe a few rules. Most importantly, don’t put it off! Remember the words of Robert Brault

“There is no daily chore so trivial that it cannot be made more important by skipping it two days running.”