Indoor Blinds – the Future of Interior Design

The interior design is very unlike the science, which has to rely on precision, utilizing the same fundamentals every time. Although it utilizes some physical principles, such as heat dispersion etc., the design is more about creativity and the fashion for design changes with every year.

indoor-blinds2The latest trend now is about utilizing the Indoor blinds. These blinds not only provide an excellent protection from the direct sunrays and the unwanted sights and eyes of the others, but they also provide a very cool look to your interior.

You could use the blinds for both your home and your office and both would look just great. As is got to the peak of its popularity you can now find thousands of different styles and designs. Some styles rely on solid materials, though in the end may be costlier while others concentrate on competitive price.

Indoor-blinds-Soltis-99–Soltis-BV99-5Now we shall discuss some of these actual designs. The most common style in the last century was the cheap plastic, colored in either brown or white colors. They did a very good job in painting them and making them look like actual metal, aiming for the lowest prices possible, but now these days are gone.

Today you will see more and more often the actual metal being used for blinds. Although it does increase the cost of the interior, it still provides a valuable investment in terms of look, competing for priority with the other elements of the design.

roller-blinds-fabric-window-indoor-132231-7949276The most common materials that are being used now are the matted glass, stainless steel and cloth. Although the clothes have been used for centuries, and there ain’t much to add anymore, other than playing with different colors, the metal and glass materials do turn out quite new and varied.

The stainless sheets could be of any size. Typically the blinds use 2 ½ inch width, but 4 and 7 inches are not uncommon. The stainless design will perfectly fit the high tech kinds of property, such as financial offices, banks or even the futuristic clubs.

The matted glass could be used for homes, and in that way it uses small 7 inch blinds and for the office indoors the size is usually bigger, being proportional to the vastness of space. Offices with large halls could even use the meter-high glass panels.