Installing a Water Softener; Magnetic and Filter System

Magnetic Water Softener Installation and Water Filter Installation (Salt-Free)

photo-template_2This is a guide to installing some of the more simple water softening systems on the market.

The simplest is going to be the magnetic system so lets’s start with that one.

Magnetic Water Softener

The beauty of this system is that they are petite so you can fit them over a pipe in places where you cannot fit a large filter.

Tools needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench

So here we go;

  1. Open the magnetic box, follow the instructions, it will have a hinge on one side, allowing for the clamp
  2. Fit the box around the pipe, ensuring you have the box in the same direction as the water flow
  3. Close the box around the pipe and make it secure with fittings provided

water-softenerSo that is it, 3 simple steps to getting your water soft!

Salt-free System (The filter system)

Tools & Materials needed

  • Pipe cutters
  • Pipe wrench
  • Compression fittings
  • Tubing or copper pipe
  • Teflon tape

Here we go;

  1. Whirlpool-Water-Softener-Indianapolis-INTake care to set up the components in your work area, close to the installation
  2. Shut off the mains water and drain the water from the pipes by opening up the lowest spout in the property, allow the water to drain out
  3. Make a cut into the cold water pipe before it reaches the “pre-filter” stage. Grip the pipe cutter around the pipe ready to make the cut.
  4. Attach a shut-off valve to the pipe, you glue it with PVC or solder it to copper
  5. Install the carbon pre-filter after the shut-off valve, extend the pipe to the distribution head of the system, attach it with a compression fitting
  6. Install a second shut-off valve after the pre-filter and extend the pipe to the distribution head, attach it with a compression fitting
  7. Connect the down flow outlet of the system back to the cold water supply pipe enabling the water to flow through the system and back through the property
  8. Close the two shut-off valves and turn on the main water valve for the property
  9. Slowly open the shut-off valves one at a time to make sure there are no leaks, in there are no leaks the valves can be fully opened.

ws_installation_diagramThese instructions are intended as an explanatory guide to help you decide DIY or get a man with a van or get a professional plumber.

These two systems above are about the simplest to consider.  There are other types of salt-free systems out there; this one is based on the filter system.

Read your instructions and then read them again, make sure you have the tools you need to hand.

The last thing you want is to find out half way that you are missing a wrench.

The idea is to work relatively quickly, you may need to be agile, if you are not used to working quickly in awkward positons then it may be time to get the yellow pages out.

Good luck with your new soft water, soft, shiny hair, underwear that may last and last through many washes.  No more need to use tons of ironing water on your bedlinen.

If you have been suffering with any skin conditions then perhaps that will be a thing of the past as you can rinse all the soap off, no more white scale on your shower, no more encrusted faucets.  Bye-bye to expensive plumbing repairs if you do it right!

There are more complicated systems out there, if you really wish to be a connoiseur of water then check out the collection of Water Softeners Now.  If your aim is to keep it simple then look no further.