How to Monetize Your Instagram Account the Right Way

Instagram has grown from the initial visual-based social network to become a haven for brands and individuals looking for a way to market their products as well as make money.

The platform receives tens of millions of visitors each day, a fact that makes it one of the best platforms to advertise your products. The high number of visitors also makes the platform the best place to make some extra income.

Today we look at Instagram monetization, which is how to make money on Instagram the right way. Let us look at the various ways you can do this.

Sell Your Products or Services

Many brands are heading o Instagram because they want to get more customers for their products or services. The introduction of shoppable posts allows you to showcase your products and sell them directly off the platform without the need to have a store. This is a welcome gesture for most people who can’t open an online store to sell their products.

Another way that you can sell your products is to redirect your users to your landing page. The landing page can be anything from a product page or your website. Doing this gives users the chance to browse through various products and place an order from the website.

Become an Influencer

Instagram marketing and online marketing as a whole are all about numbers. The more people you can advertise your products to, the more likely you will sell more products. One way to do this is to use an influencer.

Influencers are users that have a large number of followers. So, instead of trying to build a massive following on your own, you pay the influencer to use his customer base. This means that the customer pays the influencer to put up posts relating to their products or services.

As an influencer, you need to have a niche and then focus on it. You also need to have an active following that adds value to the brand. The active following is what brands are looking for. The more followers you have, the more appealing you are to the brands looking for an influencer. If you have fewer followers, say 10,000, you can become a micro influencer.

After you grow your following, you need to join a network that allows you to pitch your capability to the brands. You interact with them, agree on payments and then start working for them for the period they have decided upon. Take time to understand what other influencers are charging on the market for the same service before you start approaching brands.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Many bloggers can monetize their blog using AdSense programs. These programs pay for hosting their ads on the blog, and the payment usually relates to the kind of traffic the blog attracts each day.

The good thing is that as a blogger, you can get traffic right from Instagram. You can do this by redirecting your followers to your posts on Instagram. Additionally, you can post great content and tell them where to get the rest of the content. Many of your followers will head to the blog to get the rest of the content.

As a blogger, you can also become an influencer. If you have a massive following, you can easily market a brand’s item or service and make money. Many bloggers are using Instagram to make money; you too can start doing this easily.

The Bottom-line

It is easy to monetize your Instagram experience if you have the right plan and a massive following. You can choose to be an influencer or sell products to your followers using shoppable posts.