Celebrating My Parent’s Anniversary

There were many things that I liked about going to a local restaurant. One of the main reasons was many of our local restaurants that were not big chain businesses, were owned by those living around the area. We were … read more

Purchasing a Wedding Gift for My Sister

Special occasions were always so wonderfully planned in my family. My sister, being the older female was the first to get married. As her younger sister, I wanted to find the perfect gift for her and her new husband. He … read more

How to Protect Your Home From Severe Weather

Various climate modelling results point to the possibility of severe and extreme weather events becoming more likely as time goes by. We are already seeing the misery and chaos of millions around the globe who are being affected by unexpected … read more

How to Save Time Cleaning Large Homes

Plenty of people are put off the idea of buying a big house due to the cleaning involved. Those who do purchase large properties usually end up employing somebody else to clean them. Whether you are remunerated for it or … read more

Juicing is Amazing

I am very lucky. I have a large family, whom I get on with really well and they live close to me.  This means I get to spend a lot of time with them. I go shopping with my sisters … read more

How to make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

In certain parts of the world, where the winters are long and grey coffee thrives! Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world.  Coffee is in! In fact even in hot climates coffee works well, it can be either … read more