Purchasing a Wedding Gift for My Sister

Special occasions were always so wonderfully planned in my family. My sister, being the older female was the first to get married. As her younger sister, I wanted to find the perfect gift for her and her new husband. He was not big on kitchen things, but preferred that anything to help him in his law enforcement career. I thought about these two things for months before the wedding. I had to come up with the perfect gift for both my sister and her new husband, together. It was much harder to find than I originally had intended this present to be.

Figuring out What Fit

I tried for at least six months before the wedding to find the perfect gift for both the bride and groom. I waited until the last minute, the bachelorette party. We all gathered at my sister’s house and then left to go to a venue where we were to celebrate, drink, and dance. My sister didn’t like drinking beer, she was a mixed drink type of drinker, just like our mother and myself. The female portion of the wedding party all met within the venue and began to get the bachelorette party started.

During the party my sister and I ventured to the bar to order some mixed drinks. Behind the bar the bartender was mixing up our decisions when my sister complimented the blender he was using. She questioned him about the best blender/mixer that he knew of. When this conversation started, I knew that was the best gift to get her because not only could she use it to mix up her own drinks, but her soon to be husband could use it to mix up his sports and fitness shakes.

After her bachelorette party, I helped her pack up her things and instructed our mother to carry her home as she was too drunk to drive. I decided that before I headed home, I would stop by the local department store and see if I could come across an affordable, but nice, blender. It took me an hour to read through all of the blenders and mixers that were in the appliance aisle, but I finally came across one that I thought she would love. It was a sleek stainless steel blender that had dual reinforced blending blades that would chop up any and everything that she put in there to a fine puree if that is how she so desired.

The Big Day

My sister was gorgeous. Her gown flowing and beautiful with sequins down the sides and accenting the top. She smiled brightly but of course had her doubts if this was in fact what she really wanted. Of course it was, they had been waiting since they were teenagers and here they were in their early twenties and finally tying the knot. John awaited her at the altar while she wowed everyone in the church walking down the aisle.

Once the vows were spoken and the kiss exchanged, it was time to attend the reception. We did so with smiles on our faces as we were all starving from the running around earlier in the day to prepare. The line was long as there was over three hundred people at the wedding and possibly a few more at the reception. Being the sister of the bride, I made sure to check in with everyone to see if I could be of any assistance. Of course, I was sent off to fix me a plate and enjoy the remainder of the reception.

After everyone had completely devoured the food and cake, it was time for the presents. There were a few that were not wrapped and a few envelopes that we were sure held cash as that is the best gift to give a newlywed couple. When she came to a neatly wrapped white box that had a single name tag with only “To the Bride and Groom.” After finding a blender inside, she read the note attached to the box. She jumped up and hugged my neck thanking me for the gift. We made plans for a few weekends after their wedding to get together and use it properly, to mix drinks.