PVC Floor: the Advantages and Disadvantages

PVC floorThe term “PVC” is nothing more than a fancy word for vinyl. I know that you know what vinyl is. If you have ever handled the gramophone records, you will know it immediately. Although it’s quite an average material, it is also quite common and is easy to produce. Therefore when making a flooring is a must, and you are on a tight budget the vinyl thing will do fine. Although the shit is plastic, it does not burn. This could be explained by the high content of Chlorine used in production. This however, does not mean that it could be used as something like providing fire protection. Remember, you should never do that! At the temperature of about 60 degrees it starts melting and turns out into a sticky mass, which you would never want to step into… When heated to higher temperatures it starts to release Chlorine compounds, which are extremely toxic for the body. Naturally, the chlorine isn’t very much dangerous, unless you are exposed to a concentrated amount of it, but when chlorine gets heated it becomes chemically active and can interfere with your DNA production. And if your DNAs are damaged your body will simply fall into pieces in a matter of weeks. Potential damage, low resistance and low durability are hence the main disadvantages of PVC flooring.

PVC-Flooring-in-FaridabadHaving dealt with its negative aspects, let us talk about the actual advantages of this common material. Although it has lower durability, compared to the other kinds of plastic, PVC flooring stays quite on the level. In addition it offers some extra properties such as high hardness and increased dynamic friction factor. As the pressure is also often considered when using PVC, the decision of whether to stick with PVC or another material will often depend on to how much pressure it is going to be exposed to.

vinyl_floor_01The easiest way to determine the right pressure is to consider who will be the actual tenants in the given room. If you have a bunch of fat guys that will likely make the floor bend as they step – then a PVC floor is a no-no; on the other hand, if you will dedicate the room to your children – it will be just fine. If you are somewhat in-between, then you would also be fine, though in any way, you should not expect it to last longer.