Safety in the Garage: Keeping Things As Safe As Possible

baldhead-cabinets-xlParking your car in the garage seems like a typical thing to do, right? Many people do it, some would say that a majority of people who live in residential areas will park in a garage at least once throughout their lifetime. The garage is full of many different risks and dangers, which is why parents keep their little kids out of the there. The last thing you want to deal with is a spilled can of oil when you’re pulling in from work, there are at least four other things I could think of doing before I would do that (I hope you can sense my sarcasm there). Your car is at risk every single time you park your car in the garage, but you might not believe it right away. You may not have had an incident yet, and you might not ever have one, but the fact of the matter is that there are things to take into account at every turn. Most garages are going to have some sort of tools kicking around – and that means more stuff for your kids to potentially get into. Even if you don’t have kids, what happens if you leave a wrench or two in the wrong position? You might puncture a tire, or even completely demolish a wheel axle.

All of this stuff is a “worst case scenario” sort of deal, and I don’t think reality is going to be like that movie “Final Destination” anytime soon. You’re not going to blow-up inside of your car because you parked in a garage, but you might slip on a puddle of oil and bust your butt getting out.

What About My Tools?

mans_garage_11Well – if you know where to put your tools I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you really feel like your nail gun is going to randomly turn on and try to attack you, it might be time to purchase a brand new model. You could check the reports by Air Compressor Spy if that was something you were interested in, because a brand new nail gun never felt so right (don’t quote me on that). You shouldn’t be keeping your tools spread out all over the garage, get organized and you’ll see just how wonderful it can be to have a garage. The clutter that some garages sport is astounding to me, I never understood how some people could let things get so out of hand. It’s the middle of winter, why is there a deflated kiddie pool sitting in the middle of your garage?

I’m not here to crucify you, I’m just here to let you know that you should probably get everything straightened out. If not for the safety of your garage, for the fact that you’ll have more space do work with. Who knows, maybe you can get the band from high school back together (just kidding, if you had a band in high school, it’s probably too late to make a push – sorry about that). You can get a rack to put on the wall of your garage in order to keep most of your tools organized, they sell racks that can be adjusted and let you put any sized tool you want on them. There’s really no excuse anymore, it’s about time you cleaned up your garage (and your act, you lazy, lazy person!). It’s not as tough as I’m making it out to be, just get up and get it done; you’ll thank me later.

Additional Tips

Standard_Garage_-_Top_RightSome people hand a little piece of string in their garage so that they can see whether they’ve gone too far or not. If the string is touching their windshield, they know to stop rolling and park the car as it is. It’s going to be a useful tip for those of you who are constantly bumping into the junk of your garage when parking – and believe it or not, there’s an abundance of people (you may even know a couple yourself) that do this. Another neat trick is to replace your garage opener as often as possible, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve heard about a friends garage door closing on the back of their car (due to a delay in the response time). Can you imagine if the door had closed on the person themselves? Scary stuff!