Social Media Marketing – Best Platforms in Singapore

Marketing changes with the times. When men still used swords someone had to yell to crowds to make them aware of arrows. Then the telegraph made communication across countries possible. Soon people were singing the praises of products over the radio. Television was next big leap and now, here we are.

Today, we have the internet. It’s changed everything. First, email marketing was all the rage. Once having a web space was established as a standard banner ads became the new trend. With the advent of social media, marketers have been able to take their next leap forward and understanding the landscape puts you at an advantage.

If you’re a little behind on how social media operates, no worries. You can take advantage of social media & digital marketing courses in Singapore and abroad for little to no cost. The learning curve may be steep, but once you understand you can get creative and it becomes fun.

Pick your platform

If you don’t know where to start it can be tricky. There are so many social media platforms to learn with their own specific marketing setups. An easy way to pick would be to base your choice on what’s popular in your country. There’s no point in mastering a platform that won’t reach your target demographic.

If you’re a marketer in Singapore your best bets are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each of those has major user bases in the country and abroad, so you really can’t go wrong. But, be warned, they each have distinct marketing setups for advertising, so take it slow and learn the specifics.

The general principle regardless of platform

No matter which platform you learn the general idea will be the same – get to know your target demographic and create content that engages. This is vague on purpose. A marketing strategy for football fans in Singapore will be different from a  marketing strategy for basketball fans in the Philipines.

Take things like age, gender, socioeconomics and obviously the value of the product into account. You know, textbook marketing stuff. Then, get creative. Make comedic or entertaining skits, inform your following on the product or just your company. The goal is to get information out and make it fun.

Facebook – way too big to fail (at the moment)

If you don’t know what Facebook is, you may want to scrap the idea of being involved with social media entirely. It’s massive. Most of the world uses Facebook. It literally has a global user base and as such, at this moment, still has the greatest number of users. This massive base means your ads are probably most effective if marketed on the platform.

Twitter – helping you reach those you thought were unreachable

Twitter has done an amazing job connecting fans and supporters with stars and industry influencers. In the past it was a consistent number two right under Facebook as the leading social media platform. The effectiveness of ads doesn’t seem to be as prolific, but that varies depending on industry.

Instagram – for people that love to capture and share moments

Instagram is quickly catching up to and likely surpassing Twitter if it hasn’t already. It’s a simple photo sharing app that has blossomed into something way greater than it’s original purpose. As time’s gone by the developers have added features that were unique to other platforms morphing Instagram into a megapower.

Pick wisely

You really can’t go wrong with any of the above. Just pick according to your industry. A little research will point you in the right direction.