Technology Today: Internet Radio

Take a moment and think back to the time when families sat around the radio to hear the latest updates. Not a sound was made by the listeners, eager to hear what was being broadcast. Radios were the device that helped bring our country together and they are still an integral part of our society, albeit in a different way. As a people, we have become impatient with commercials. Our time is too valuable to waste listening to something we don’t want to hear. Luckily, this was quickly picked up on and commercial-free internet radio was developed. Internet radio took the world by storm, immediately becoming popular in the home and in vehicles.


Maybe you have purchased an internet radio yourself or maybe you have been gifted one. Owners of these radios immediately notice how convenient they are. Hosting parties, cleaning the house and simply relaxing all become easier and more enjoyable with one of these devices. We can hear opinions from people all over the globe and it’s refreshing to know that we have access to uncensored information and ideas. In our day and age we have the tendency to overindulge in our multi-media access and when it comes to some internet radios, this is no different.


There are a wide variety of options on the market for these radios and it can be daunting to start the hunt for the perfect one. You want something that’s within your budget, but you don’t want to miss out. If you are going to treat yourself to such a great radio, you want to get something you will definitely be pleased with. Its particular condition needs to be in line with your expectations and desires. Affordable radios do not always mean fewer features, but on the flip side, expensive options aren’t guaranteed to meet all your criteria.


You might be asking yourself now “what’s really out there?” and you wouldn’t be the first to do so.

A model that seems a bit old, but plays music powerfully would be the Sangean WFR-20. We feel that it’s a bit outdated and is surpassed by other more advanced technology.

One such model would be the Ocean Digital WR80. It’s smaller and looks more sophisticated. The ability to preset 99 stations will help you entertain yourself and others with ease. You won’t waste any time searching for an appropriate playlist for your get together. Finally, you will be able to simply enjoy your company.

Another popular model is the SiriusXM Tabletop. With a simple design and colorless screen, this radio won’t be wowing your guests or family as the most innovative device they’ve ever seen. However, it looks high class and it’s quality hardware. With a display that automatically adjusts how bright it is depending on the light in a room, you will protect your eyes and sanity. With full range speakers and a clock that sets itself, you may feel you’ve been told about the perfect product. Beware, though as many users complain that this device consistently doesn’t connect to their network and they have trouble getting it to work.

A device that comes highly rated is the Grace Digital Radio Adapter. It’s not only an internet radio but can also connect to a USB device or your computer to play anything you could possibly desire. The modern knobs and advanced display screen all you to easily maneuver between programs and stations. As always, there are some more undesirable factors such as the fact it’s design does not allow you stack something on top of it and it also doesn’t have built-in speakers.

If money is your main concern then it’s worth taking a look at the Aluratek streaming radio. It’s modern touch screen and large speakers are pleasing the eye and they don’t require breaking the bank to obtain them. It comes with access to a few apps, but Google play is not one of them. This may be the option you are looking for if you don’t need your device to do anything fancy.


Once you’ve made up your mind to purchase an internet radio, you can begin by reading more about each product and the numerous others out there. It’s important to know what you want and what your priorities are. Music has the ability to keep a social gathering from being tiresome, it can help you study or relax and can turn a bad day into a more than bearable one. It’s time to join modern day society and treat yourself to a radio that suits you and your needs.