The Best Ways to Treat Your Lawn Right

00-lush-lawnYour lawn says a lot about your property, and in some cases, there are people out there that take an immense amount of pride in how great their lawns look. A lawn that is filled with dead blades of grass isn’t going to be all that inviting, but there’s hope for those who need it. You don’t need to fuss about how your lawn doesn’t look as good as every other one, because you can finally achieve that trait for yourself. I’m going to write up a few tips that will keep your lawn looking healthier than ever before, so it’s up to you whether you make use of the advice or not. I’d like to think that my lawn is one of the prettier ones on the block, and I say that as humbly as I possibly could. It feels like a competition at times, because you’ll see your neighbors lawn and wonder how they managed to keep it so green. In most cases, it won’t be any traditional rituals that were passed down by their fore-fathers (but you never know, people may have taken their lawns just as seriously back in the day!), but there are certain tips that will make sure your lawn is easier to maintain.

700-590742I’ve been taking care of my lawn ever since I moved out of the house, and that was around the age of 16. At first I just didn’t like the fact that it made my house look worse than it already was, as I had moved into a “fixer-upper” that I had no plans on fixing. If there was one thing I could control (since I was renting), it was how good the lawn looked outside. Besides, the patches of dead grass that were there before bugged me a decent amount. I took it upon myself to check out the Garden Plaza page to get myself set up with an awesome lawnmower, and after that, I was good to go. When a young kid is looking to take interest in his lawn, you know that he’s got to be incredibly bored. It turned into somewhat of a hobby, and then into an obsession. If my lawn didn’t look amazing throughout the spring and summer, I just wasn’t satisfied. Over the years I’ve managed to put together a pretty lengthy list of tips and techniques to use, but I’m only going to share a few with you. I wouldn’t spill my secrets that easily!

Lawn Tips for Everyone!

These tips are the real thing, they’ve allowed my lawn to look greener and greener every single year. There are certain products out there that promote a healthy lawn, but sometimes you’ve just got to care a little bit – and sharing is caring (tips, that is).

  • P1010098The Rule of 3rd – You shouldn’t cut off more than one third of the grass blade itself, as that’s going to have a negative impact on your lawn. It’s going to cause a change in the way it’s acting, stressing it out and and resulting is that dried up and burnt out look. It’s an easily avoidable problem that many people tend to forget about, so make sure you’re consistently trimming your lawn (and not just hacking off large amounts at a time).
  • Sharpening Your Blades – The lawnmower you’re using should have relatively sharp blades, and you have to keep them from going dull by any means possible. When the blades are at their sharpest, it promotes much cleaner cuts (and a much better look for your lawn). Grass can also grow back thicker and healthier through the use of sharp cuts.
  • the-great-lawnWeeds – Take care of weeds in a timely manner, you don’t want to sit around and let the problem get worse and worse. Weeds are bound to come up at some point, and you’re just going to need a little bit of enthusiasm (and gardening gloves) to handle them. There are tons of ways to go about removing weeds from your lawn – pulling them out by-hand is by far the most effective.
  • Pests and Other Problems – Pest control services exist for a reason, so if you’ve got any sort of pest causing trouble, you’ll be able to find a solution with no strings attached. It might cost you a bit of cash, but it’s worth it when your lawn looks better than your annoying little neighbors!

Be Realistic – Nice lawns aren’t created over-night, it’s a process that you’re going to need a little bit of patience for. It might take a few months, but the results that you’re left with are enough to be worth the wait.