Top 5 Power Tools Every DIY’er Must Have

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then I am sure you have acquired quite a few tools already for your projects.

Here I have listed the top five power tools you must have:

1. Table Saw
Circular saws are good for working on a quick project, but they can be cumbersome and not as precise as a stationary table saw.

Table saws can rip-cut, crosscut, miter, and bevel.

According to its fence braces the wood as it passes over the blade, making straight cuts.


Cordless DeWalt Drill2. Cordless Drill
I use my cordless drill often. It can drill holes in wood, masonry, drywall, and other materials. And with different adapters, it is very versatile. I have a right angle drill adapter, which makes tight and hard to reach places more accessible. The screwdriver attachment helps me drive screws right in place.

The hole saw adapter is handy for drilling holes for lighting, plumbing, and many other reasons you may need to make a hole. There are other adapters from which to choose, visit Consumer Reports for detailed reviews on a range of cordless drills.

3. Kreg Jig
A Kreg jig is not a power tool, but you need a cordless drill to use it. I have included this important tool here because you use it to drill holes at an angle into one piece of wood, and then joining it to a second piece with a self-tapping screw.

You only need to drill one hole! It is very useful in quick repairs around your home, such as fixing a squeaky chair or strengthening furniture.

4. Circular Saw
A circular saw is portable and great to use when you are working on a quick project.

You can use it to cut wood, masonry, metal, or plastic, depending on your blade.

With woodworking, circular saws make precise rip-cuts and cross cuts.

They can be right or left handed, depending on the side of the blade where the motor sits.


5. Miter Saw
This power tool is used to make accurate crosscuts in a workpiece at a specified angle.

A miter saw is the go-to tool for framing or making accurate cuts in moulding. I have used my miter saw to install trim when we remodeled.

It made cutting at an angle stress free.

You can buy a basic miter saw or a compound miter saw for cutting bevels.

When using all your power tools, be sure to read the instruction manuals for proper use, safety, and the manufacturers’ recommended usage.