Top Mistakes that Make Your Instagram Following Stunted

Just like tripping on a runway, making a mistake on Instagram is akin to public humiliation because the mistake you make is exposed to thousands of people that are watching every step that you make.

When trying to grow your Instagram account and expand your reach, the last thing that you need to do is to perform the mistakes that are listed below.

Remember the mistakes that you make can damage the reputation that you have built over decades, and leave you staring at Instagram failure. No brand wants to be seen as a flop on Instagram, because it ends up making you look bad in front of the masses.

So, today we want to change those bad habits into the best practices for your survival on Instagram.

Using Poor Quality Images

When the customer first looks at your page, the first impression depends on the kind of images you have posted. If the first impression they get is “poor quality images and videos that seem to have been shot in a hurry,” then you might want to come up with a better visual strategy than what you are currently using.

Having bad images discredits your brand immediately and tells the user you don’t have the right capacity to deliver the quality he needs from you. With lackluster images and videos, you are sending a message that you aren’t taking your business seriously.

Posting Too Much or Too Little

You have seen them – Instagram accounts that don’t have anything to say or those that say too much when you expect too little. If you have seen these profiles, then you need to know that you need to know exactly how much to post at what time.

Posting too little fails to leave the impact that is desired to the audience. This means you won’t get the message across as required and you will always fall short. On the other hand, posting too much means that you give the audience a lot of information that isn’t crucial at all. What you need is to deliver the facts that that’s it!

Overlooking Analytics

When you talk to successful marketers, they tell you one thing – you cannot ignore analytics because they show you the way. Using analytics lets, you understand what is going on behind the scenes and come up with solutions to any issues that might arise.

When you ignore the statistics, you are missing out on very important information that could ultimately help you to plan for future marketing campaigns. The analytics tell you what kind of content is getting results, and what kind is pulling you down. Using these results, you can transfer the efforts from one part to another so that you make maximum use of the ones that are adding something to your efforts.

Ignoring Automation

Yes, a lot has been said about automation, but one thing remains clear – the brands that have made use of automation are far ahead as compared to those brands that are still wondering whether to automate or not.

Automation means that you use a tool to automate your Instagram growth needs. These tools are called bots and for good reasons. The bot automates all the tasks that you perform manually to make your following grow. Fred Harrington advocates using an organic Instagram growth service; because doing so makes sure you don’t trigger the algorithm to flag your account.

In Closing

Some of these mistakes are intentional, while others come as a result of not taking the time to analyze your needs. Whatever the case, you need to make sure you avoid these mistakes to enjoy the growth that you need.