The Use of Custom Curtains for Interior Design

Custom-Drapery-OttawaThe design as an art is not simply the act of decorating your room, purchasing some furniture and so on. The art of the design is a bit deeper than that, as it actually involves in producing a decent design and making it suitable and applicable as much as possible. You don’t want a king’s palace to look like a bar, or a bar like king’s palace. This would be not only completely ridiculous but would also cost much more than it actually should.

drapery-4Furthermore, the design as a concept that involves in fitting the things together and making them match. It’s true that if you design a typical home interior you would probably need to place there some sofas, a desk and the kitchen stuff, and then probably throw in some decorations like aquarium or a wall painting. However, you must make sure these items do match. When you go to store, a particular item may look just perfect, but when you buy all of them and bring them home and put them together, they can and will look out of place, unless you foresaw all this design docking and made the right choices.

pg_bgA very good example of this situation is when it comes to dealing with curtains. See, although a lot of curtains could be considered pretty much common and standard – that is, when we talk about a single or double standard size window, which they are designed for – dealing with winder and larger areas, like these of the balconies, will often require the creation of custom curtains, if we were to translate this sophisticated term into English. Note the original words. They actually mean something like “that which covers” in the Dutch language, so a custom curtain in reality turns out nothing more than that – just a piece of rag or piece of fine cloth if you wish, to cover your open areas form the sights of the outsiders, when it is necessary.
Thinking twice about their meaning, I could also add something more, which perhaps, could define it even better. These would have to be not only some random pieces of cloth, but also measured and chosen with a sense of design, at the same time being able to fit into the exact dimensions of each particular room.