What to Look for When Buying a Dehumidifier?

When it comes to dehumidifiers, they can easily help take that musty feeling out of a damp crawl space or basement. These days people have begun using dehumidifiers a lot more than in the past and that is because they not only greatly improve the air quality in any given space, but at the same time they can also alleviate asthma and allergies. So with that being said, what are some of the things people should look for when wanting to purchase a dehumidifier?

What is the dehumidifier capacity?

Dehumidifier - Armin RuddWhat To Look For When Buying A Dehumidifier? Well, capacity is certainly one of the first things that people should consider prior to purchasing a dehumidifier. In fact, larger ones seem to work a lot more efficiently and faster than smaller units. On top of that, they can easily handle a wider range of humidity levels with no added or very little added noise. However, it’s important to notice that big dehumidifiers don’t really have a greater water capacity. That is why people who want to get one should first of all check its capacity to ensure they’re getting the right model for their needs.

How’s the noise?

dehumidifier-51497-4508145It’s true that when it comes to dehumidifiers, they can be quite noisy. The bad news is that this can become quite annoying, especially if someone will be using the room in which the dehumidifier is used in. To prevent such situations in the first place, it’s recommended that people focus on getting a dehumidifier that features different speed settings. Most of the times, dehumidifiers that work on a lower speed should be much quieter.

What’s the humidity level?

IMG_0293When it comes to humidity, it’s best described as the muggy feeling people get on a warm summer day. However, the truth is that there are two types of humidity, including relative humidity and absolute humidity. In general, people will want to get a dehumidifier that offers a balance between these two types of humidity and that’s because most individuals are sensitive to humidity. Too much or too little of it can make or break the decision of buying a certain type of dehumidifier.

How does it handle water removal?

pl1985960-silica_gel_refrigerant_dehumidifier_with_air_conditioner_wheel_adsorption_82_7kwOne thing to keep in mind when it come sot dehumidifiers is that in wet or damp conditions, they will collect a large amount of water and this means the internal bucket need to be emptied quite often. It’s true that depending on the model they get, people may not have to worry about manually emptying the bucket since there are dehumidifiers that have a direct drain feature. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t want to empty the bucket manually should go for a model that comes with a floor level drain.

What’s the energy performance?

Recalled-dehumidifiersLast but not least, before purchasing a dehumidifier people should check its energy performance. This refers to the amount of water extracted per hour compared to the amount of energy used to do so. For instance, if the model is Energy Star approved, then it means it can remove a high amount of water while using very little energy.